Gas medicali AirFlow


These light, elegant and portable CAIRE liquid oxygen units offer a safe, simple and ergonomic system for ambulatory oxygen therapy patients. The portable units have been designed to offer the user maximum convenience and safety. Users can check the level on the carrying strap.
Series CRI600
  1. Flow control handle
  2. Liquid level indicator
  3. Connector for the shoulder strap
  4. Oxygen supply valve

Note: available with connector for upper or side filling
Pressure gauges
Diameter 356 mm.
Size and weight
Height 298 mm.
Weight when empty 2,04 kg.
Weight when full 2,72 kg.
Capacity (full) 0,63 (liquid)
0,68 kg
513 lt (gaseous)
Adjustable flow rates (litres/min) Off, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5,6
(on request in versione 0-15 lt)
Flow rate accuracy ± 0,1 l/min. or ± 10% setting the flow, whichever is the greater
Performance accuracy 1,4 bar ±
0,14 bar
Expected life (hours) 4 hours with flow of 2 l/min.
Normal evaporation rate 0,54 kg./die
Refill time 1,5 min. hot
0,75 min. cold
(fast, 1.4 bar/20 psi origin)

Code Description Packaging
CRI600 Portable container for Liquid Oxygen from 0.6 litres. Side connector CSI 1 Pz.    
CRI600PB Portable container for Liquid Oxygen from 0.6 litres. PB connector 1 Pz.