Gas medicali AirFlow


Mod. LIBERATOR containers for oxygen therapy. These tanks are designed to maximise the liquid oxygen distribution for maximum yield. Robust and with larger volume but minimal overall weight. This extends usage periods avoiding the need for the operator to carry heavier units.
Series CRIO
  1. Flow control handle
  2. Liquid level indicator
  3. Outlet valve
  4. Rapid disconnection, upper refill valve (also available in side fill or double-fill version)
  5. Rapid disassembly cover
Pressure gauges
Diameter 356 mm.
Size and weight
Height 750 mm.
Weight when empty 20,41 kg.
Weight when full 54,42 kg.
Capacity (full) 31,21 (liquid)
34,01 kg
25.650 lt (gaseous)
Adjustable flow rates (litres/min) Off, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15
Flow rate accuracy ± 0,1 l/min. or ± 10% setting the flow, whichever is the greater
Performance accuracy 1,4 bar (20 psi)
Expected life (hours) 213 hours with flow of 2 l/min.
Normal evaporation rate 0,68 kg/die
Refill time 3 min. hot
2 min. cold
(fast, 1.4 bar/20 psi LOX in saturation with 3.4 bar/50 psi origin)

Code Description Packaging
CRI31LDF 31-litre Container for Liquid Oxygen with double connector PB/CSI 1 Pz.    
CRIO31CSI 31-litre Container for Liquid Oxygen side connector CSI 1 Pz.    
CRIO31PB 31-litre Container for Liquid Oxygen Puritan Bennett connector 1 Pz.    
CRIOATTCSI CSI Refill connector for OL2 hose 1 Pz.    
CRIOATTPB PB Refill connector for OL2 hose 1 Pz.    
CRIOCAR Trolley for 31-litre container 1 Pz.    
CRIOFLESS Tube for Liquid Oxygen length 1500 1 Pz.